Scottie's Deli - Filling a Void

As with any restaurant in its first year of operation, there have been changes since opening its doors. In the last few weeks, Fossett made the switch from baking all of Scottie’s bread on the premises to partnering with the city’s only artisan baker, Esca Vitae, 1114 Classen Drive, for all of its bread except its gluten-free variety.

Esca Vitae’s rye bread on the New York, NY ($11) has an almost sweet crust and robust center. The garlic bread for the APC (roast beef, caramelized onion, jalapeños and American cheese) is crunchy on the outside and soft in the center.

“[The bread is] just night-and-day better,” Fossett said. “Something [that’s] kind of always bothered me was our sandwich rolls, and getting them from [Esca Vitae] is just amazing.”

On my most recent visit, I noticed the bread was of a higher quality than previously trips to Scottie’s. 





Breakfast at Esca Vitae

¨Any one of the dishes I’ve had would be enough to keep this restaurant on my mind. But everything has been so good that it is an actual challenge to keep this from being an every single day indulgence.¨

I ATE Oklahoma

Midtown’s Esca Vitae

“A lifeline for a bakery is wholesale service for area restaurants and local farmers markets. Dunzy said wholesale accounts for about a third of its sales. Esca Vitae supplies bread for some of the city’s fine dining establishments: Stella Modern Italian Cuisine, Rococo, and Ludivine. Elemental Coffee Roasters also uses some of its pastry.”

OK Gazette